Kevin Uy Photography

Kevin Uy is an automotive photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. His dynamic and adventurous style produces vivid imagery that have been used for commercial and editorial campaigns, in both digital and print.

The breadth of Kevin’s experience spans studio work to on-location shoots; working solo to collaborating with production crews; rig motion, and more. Paired with his technical expertise, he aims to go beyond capturing a moment, to telling a story though his photography.

Recent Stories

He recalls a recent project shooting a seasonal campaign in British Columbia. After two full days on set, the team was wrapping up, having captured all the images needed. “I was driving around familiar roads that I had passed hundreds of times before. But this time, I saw them in a new way; something that would  elevate my client’s vision.” He shares, “I imagined how the right angles and effects would deepen this brand’s story.” With the client’s green light, they staged an impromptu shoot, producing some of the most memorable images in the series.  

Why choose Kevin Uy Photography

Years of experience photographing various makes and manufacturers and viewing every project as a partnership, he works closely with brands and agencies to produce distinctive shots that deliver impact. Clients have come to rely on him for his results, genuine interest in the work, as well as his hands-on approach to creatively executing ideas. 


Collaboration is essential to producing standout material. Please get in touch; let’s brainstorm on how we can tell YOUR story. Offerings include:

§  End-to-end automotive photography, from conceptualization to execution

§  Studio, on-location, car-to-car, and rig motion photography

§  Collaborating with videographers, storyboarding, creative direction

§  On-location shoots from anywhere in the world

§  Creative retouching

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